Become a part of what we do today. And no, we won't surprise you with a mandatory membership fee or donation to join. While most members do provide meals on a regular basis, how many, how often, or even if you do at all are up to you. If you've got questions before joining, you'll find answers to the most common ones below the sign up form.


Common Questions

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A fraternal membership organization is a club or group created around a shared interest or philosophy. Ours is pretty clear. We want to be actively involved in doing something about our nation’s food poverty.

Fraternal benefits organization, qualifying fraternal society, and more names vary between the IRS and each state, but their independent qualifications are for tax classification. They don’t change the core definition.

We wanted to be more than a fundraiser, even if that meant being fewer in number. We wanted to be more involved, and for our members to be too.

Yes. The money is important. So important. But so is caring. So is being there to spread the word and help make an event a success, or to help get a new measure supporting food pantries through a local legislature.

So is the pride of involvement. In fact, it’s infectious.

Members provide 100 meal blocks at $25 each. You can choose to give as many or as few as you want monthly, quarterly, biannually, or even just once per year. For a full explanation of the $25 figure, see our Why 100? page.

No. We ask members to commit to a certain number of meals if they can. We make it easy with options as low as just once per year, and by giving you total control with our customer portal. You can cancel or change your support directly at the payment processor at any time, by yourself and instantly, no questions asked and with no additional steps.

Our operating budget has two primary payment categories, marketing and legal necessities. Everything else and everyone else we need to function is graciously provided through volunteerism, right down to this website and our email services. We do not have CEO perks, bonuses, or any other surprises that can interfere with our usual allocation process. After the bank’s standard payment processing fee of 2.9% plus $.30 per transaction and those necessary costs, it all goes to the food banks and crisis response.

We don’t solicit donations outside our membership. We rarely ask members for help with a special appeal, like a crisis response that needs more than we can give without taking anything away from the food banks. For the most part, we do our best to manage with regular member support.

No. As a fraternal membership organization, members do have rights, including voting rights when we make substantial changes to where money goes or our structure. You’ll see more details on that in the sign up form. But whether or not you vote, or are involved in events, or communicate with us about issues, or anything else, is completely up to you.

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One Hundred Meals is a private membership organization operating under the financial direction of its members and in compliance with charitable contribution regulations in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.